What is the accuracy level/data of stepper motor related to?

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What is the accuracy level/data of stepper motor related to?


1. What is the difference between a fixed shaft, a driving shaft and an externally driven linear stepping motor?
A: The fixed shaft front anti-rotation mechanism can directly perform linear motion. Both the driving shaft and the externally driven motor require an external rotation stop, such as a linear guide.

2.What is the accuracy level/data of stepper motor related to?
A: Step length, step angle, pitch accuracy of the screw.


Stepper motor

3. Can our motor drive be controlled by software and how is it controlled?
A: Motor drive is controlled by the pulse, the direction signal. Generally used: single-chip, PLC, vibrating motor controller.

4. Does our motor improve performance when there is a lifting frequency?
A: Yes, a good lifting frequency will make the motor get more thrust and avoid motor vibration, thus making the motor run more smoothly.

5. What are the effects of various greases and TEFLON spray on motor thrust and life?
A: It is recommended to use special grease. Usually, TEFLON is used without grease.

6. What is the IP rating of the standard/normal motor and what IP level we can currently do?
A: We are currently designing IP65.

7. What kinds of double-ply thick motors, size models and step lengths can be made by vibration?
A: 20, 28, 35, 42, 57, 86 series.

8. As time goes by, what is the change in the accuracy of our motor?
A: Due to the wear of the nut and the screw, the accuracy level will be reduced.

9. The accuracy of the end stroke switch of the motor, which is higher for the proximity switch and the contact switch?
A: The contact type has higher precision.

10. What effect does subdivision have on thrust?
A: The subdivision makes the motor run more smoothly and the thrust is greater.

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