Three classifications of stepper motors

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  Three classifications of stepper motors

  Stepper motor is the most common kind of motor in industrial production. Motor manufacturer Rui Te Electromechanical tells you about the three classifications of stepper motor, I hope to help everyone work.

  There are three types of stepping motors: permanent magnet (PM), reactive (VR) and hybrid (HB). The permanent magnet stepping is generally two-phase, the torque and volume are small, the step angle is generally 7.5 degrees or 15 degrees; the reactive step is generally three-phase, which can achieve large torque output, and the step angle is generally 1.5. Degree, but the noise and vibration are very large. Developed in Europe and the United States in the 1980s has been eliminated; hybrid stepping refers to the advantages of mixing permanent magnets and reactive. It is divided into two phases and five phases: the two-phase step angle is generally 1.8 degrees and the five-phase step angle is generally 0.72 degrees. This stepper motor is the most widely used. If the temperature of the stepping motor is too high, the magnetic material of the motor will be demagnetized, resulting in a torque drop and even out of step. Therefore, the maximum allowable temperature of the motor surface should depend on the demagnetization point of the magnetic material of different motors; in general, the demagnetization point of the magnetic material Both are above 130 degrees Celsius, and some even up to 200 degrees Celsius, so the stepper motor's external temperature is completely normal at 80-90 degrees Celsius.

hybid stepper motor
Hybid strpper motor



  Sum up four sentences

  1. Advantages: Easy control and low cost.

  2. Disadvantages: Loss of step will cause control error and limited speed.

  3. Application: CNC machine tools, quantitative feeding, etc.

  4. Prospects: will gradually be replaced by stepper motors.

  As an actuator, stepper motor is one of the key products of mechatronics and is widely used in various automation control systems. With the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the demand for stepper motors is increasing day by day, and it has applications in various national economic fields.


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